Get Your Dream Job. 2018 Resume Templates.

Maybe you’ve just graduated from university and are struggling to figure out what your dream job might be.

Or perhaps you are already working a 9-5 job but are feeling unfulfilled in your current role.

Landing your dream job may seem like a daunting task but it can be done with motivation and persistence.

You will first need to identify your dream job or the qualities of your dream role and then focus on getting the necessary skills and education for the job so that you can then apply for your dream job and improve your chances of finally landing it.

Why it is so important to have a good resume

A resume is a self-advertisement that, when done properly, shows how your skills, experience, and achievements match the requirements of the job you want.

This guide provides free samples on which you can base your resumé.

It will also walk you through setting up and laying out the content to highlight your skills and grab the reader’s attention.

Why do I need to pick the right resume 2018 format

The content of your resume is really important and it’s a core of your resume, but the way you prioritize information and place it in your resume – are crucial things.

Hiring managers are busy people and if they scan your resume and can’t find some information or skills fast – you are not the one, who would get a call today!

That’s why today we would like to talk a bit more about latest resume 2018 formats, the most popular ones. Before we’re going to start, first of all we would like share some interesting facts on why do you need to pick a proper resume format.

The most hard step here is to decide which resume format is right for you. Which one would enhance your experience and would hide gaps if any.

Latest CV formats 2018

  • Chronological resume format
  • Functional resume format
  • Targeted resume format
  • College resume format

Each resume format was created to enhance your chances to get the job in 2018. Most of things are not depends of us, but we tried to provide you with the most “working” resume templates and formats.

For personalized help with your Resume:

Chronological 2018 Resume Format

Chronological Resume Format

When you have an impressive career path in huge companies with (500+ employees) and your achievements are impressive enough – the best choice for you is chronological resume.

If you have 10+ years of experience in certain area and you are self-confident specialist, you are in the right place. The main logic of this resume type is to show your career path in reverse chronological order.

You start with achievements block and slowly move to experience section of your resume.

Who/ When should use this resume format:

  • Your career path is impressive enough. You have enough experience and you used to work in a huge corporations. You have enough experience to brag!
  • You have more than 7 years of commercial experience in different areas;
  • It’s not your first job and you are not fresh grad;
  • You are experienced specialist on a labor market and you are not considering options to change your niche.
  • You have something to show in your resume about how well you did your job and how it affects on KPI’s.

Does Chronological resume format 2018 is right for me?

If you feel that all the written above is not up right about you, it’s a good idea to find some other resume format. So, when it’s not the best case to choose chronological resume format and when it could only decrease your chance to get a job:

  • You are no more considering job in the area you worked in. You are looking for something completely new and you want to try yourself in absolutely new role;
  • There are some employment gaps in your resume, which are hard to conceal in chronological resume;
  • Your achievement are not impressive enough and you really don’t know what to say, when HR would ask about them;
  • You we’re a “job-changer” or “job-runner” – you changed you places of work each 6 months or less.

Functional 2018 Resume Format

Functional Resume Format

Functional resume format is one of the most used resume formats all round US. If you would as an average hiring manager what resume format is the most popular in their opinion – they would say functional format is the leader here. Why? Because it’s the easiest one and each of us have some skills to sell.

The main idea of function resume format is to show skills in your resume. That’s why functional resume format is also known as skills-based resume format. Sometimes hiring manager needs in some specific skills you gained and actively using now. Soft or Hard skills – doesn’t matter. If you have a specific skillset – you are potential candidate to fit desired position.

But still, there are some tricky moments you need to know about, which would like to share with you below.

Who/ When should use this functional resume 2018:

  • You would like to change your position at the moment. It’s going to be completely other area;
  • According to some circumstances, there are some gaps in your resume. Using functional template – nobody would see them;
  • You tried yourself on many jobs and seems like you would like to continue doing that. You can’t stay at one place of work more than one year. You have impressive pack of skills, which will be interesting for many hiring managers;
  • You don’t have enough experience. It’s your first job and now you are in job searching process. There are not enough information to pick a chronological resume, but enough to show skills in functional format.

Does Functional resume 2018 format is my choice?

Huge companies (leaders on a labor market) could not consider your resume. Because they would try to find more stable job seekers with impressive career path on managerial positions;

Not all the hiring manager’s likes this type of resume, because you have tons of ways to hide any information in your resume.

Targeted 2018 Resume Format

Targeted Resume Format

Targeted resume format is an outstanding choice for those candidates, who would like to target their resumes for a specific job ads. For example you are sales manager and you used to sell furniture. It doesn’t mean that you would not other job as a sales manager, but to increase you chances, you need to target your current resume for a specific job ads.

Who/ When should use targeted resume 2018:

  • You skills are rear on a labor market. Depends on demand, it could be a “gold mine” for you;
  • You don’t know where to start. Your skillset is too different and you have no idea what job to get. Try to target your resume for each job ad using the most relevant skills for each;
  • Some employment gaps are too big gaps;
  • You don’t have any achievements, which you could show in your resume. You have skills and different experience in these areas.

Targeted resume 2018 format – when to avoid?

  • We can’t say that targeted resume is widely used in US. It’s more used not as independent type of resume format. It’s more like a different and targeted resume, which can only enlarge your chances to be considered and invited for an interview. So, if you are following such goals – it’s good option for you! If other..maybe you’d better to read more about some other types of resumes.

Student Resume Format 2018

Student Resume Format 2018

If you are reading this, seems like you are fresh grad or still in college. It’s cool that you are looking for a job to get some money, but you have some problems with resume.

Simply because you have no experience or it’s your first job. It’s not a problem at all, we will try to explain you what a good student resume format is.

To be frank, there are no any tricky stuff here. All you have at the moment – maybe some part-time jobs in summertime or some skills you gained at university. Nothing more.

And the best option for you – to show what you have at the moment. Sell your skills and your willingness to do a job (some soft skills would be a good addition to your resume).

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