About Me

Personal Information

My name is John Holland. This is my alter ego as well as a pen name, which I use when working with students and publishing academic works.

I am from Brooklyn, NY and was born in the family of a writer and nurse.

My mother always wanted me to take up a career in medicine, but since childhood I was keen on writing and reading that is why I decided to continue the legacy of my father.

This helped me a lot when choosing a career after finishing Lincoln High School in Jersey City. I used to bond with people very easy that is why I have chosen Communications faculty at Cornell University and finally got such a long-awaited major in this field.

Being young and ambitious, I started searching for myself. A writer must continually look for an inspiration that is why after graduation I started traveling around Asia to find a balance in my life.

I worked as a teacher of English and Literature in a college, and later in various universities of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

I really like working with people, and most of all, sharing my knowledge with others. I worked hard to bring out the best in my students and now I can tell with proud that I succeed in this because of numerous grateful students I had.

At the same time I worked as a content writer for many large sites and outsourcing companies and now I have more than 8 years of vast experience in essay writing.

Professional Achievements

  • Major in Communications
  • English tutoring for more than 10 years
  • Wide teaching experience with students of different age
  • More than 8 years of academic writing practice
  • Working with multicultural students

Writing Approach

I always pay careful attention to the structure, content and grammar of when writing any academic work. My golden rule is never saying more than is necessary that is why all my essays are informative,and effective.

80% of the time I work on polishing every essay to make it a real masterpiece. What is more, I try to adjust myself to the writing style of every client to sound more natural and familiar to your professor.


I totally believe that a person must have three hobbies in his/her life to live in harmony.

The first one to earn money, the second to keep you fit and the third to stay creative.

I like hiking, swimming and playing tennis. My other joy is traveling; My goal is to visit as many countries as I can because traveling can transform you into a real storyteller.

I draw inspiration and energy from every country I have visited by getting acquainted with its culture and people I met.